The Benefits of an Autumn Wedding

A bride holding a bunch of flowers in the Lowry room, looking out of the window

Whilst summer is seen as a peak time for weddings, many great weddings take place throughout the year, no matter whether they’re summery or not. Autumn is still a great time to have a wedding at a beautiful wedding venue, and there are many unique benefits that having an autumn wedding can bring. So what are they?

Guests Will Be More Available

One of the biggest problems is having everyone available to attend. Even with smaller weddings of under 30 people, there’s still the likelihood that at least someone won’t be able to make it because of holidays plans, school holiday childcare or a trip away; but having your wedding in autumn means more people will become available to celebrate your big day.

Milder and Cooler Weather

Sometimes in summer it can get too hot. The last thing you want is to be sweltering in your wedding dress or three-piece suit, or having to cover yourself in sun cream to protect yourself from the bright glare of the sun. Autumn brings with it cooler weather and also some milder weather too. The cool weather allows you to wear layers in comfort, allowing you to feel comfortable in your wedding look.

And even if it does start to rain, it’s likely that your wedding will have been planned as an indoor one anyway, meaning your plans don’t have to be re-jigged if a surprise summer rainy day strikes on your wedding day.

Autumn Leaves

The perfect backdrop to your wedding photos is a ground covered in beautiful golden-brown leaves, collectively showing a spectrum of colour that really makes each photo stand out. Whilst many wedding backdrops use the sights of summer, you can be different and really take advantage of the autumnal imagery.

Muted Colours

If you’re someone who loves the colours of autumn and the change of colour in your outfits, then you can really make the most of the seasonal colour palette. Golden colours as well as deep reds, blues and greens perfectly align with the season, and can be beautifully factored into your clothing and decorations on the day. If you love the colours of the season, why not use them at your wedding?

Autumn Honeymoons

After the wedding comes the honeymoon. And whilst your honeymoon doesn’t have to come directly after your wedding, it is something that’s preferred to get your wedding off to a memorable start. There are plenty of destinations you can travel to from an autumnal UK that are still temperate at the time of year, meaning you can still have your warm summer-like getaway. And what’s more, with it being outside of the peak holiday season, it’s likely that your honeymoon will be a lot cheaper than having it in the busy summer.